The UK Games Expo came to town last weekend and those who attended may have spotted the Toon Hammer stand. Dan and I, accompanied by a lovely group of volunteers, demoed Gobblin’ Goblins, gave out biscuits and even drew a few folks as goblins. It was an absolute blast! A big thank you to everyone who tried the game out and took some goblins home with them. We know how smelly they are so we really do appreciate it.

It was also really lovely to meet folks who already have and enjoy their copies of Gobblin’ Goblins! Thank you so much for saying hello. I felt very happy and proud that my silly game is out there in the world being played. It gave me a warm tingly feeling in my tum (though I guess that could have been the biscuits). Meeting people from the online world was also very excellent. It’s nice to put faces to Twitter handles and remind myself that all these words I type into the computer are being read by actual real life human beings. Thanks for not being robots you lovely lot!

During the convention we also managed to persuade a couple of new shops to take on some goblins. With that in mind this is probably a good time to tell you exactly where in the UK you can buy Gobblin’ Goblins at this present time:

The Gamers Emporium – Swansea
Swansea’s independent retailer of board, card, miniature and role-playing games.

Games Crusade – Harrogate
Offering both traditional and innovative toys, puzzles and board games for all ages.

The Present Planners Toy Shop – Skipton
The Present Planners has been an established Toy company since 2006 offering both traditional and innovative toys, puzzles and games for all ages.

Taylored Games – Kingsbridge
A specialist board, card and tabletop games company started by husband and wife team, Adam & Rachel Taylor.

Bag Of Holding – Bournemouth
Purveyors of Fine Geeky Merchandise, Trading Card Games, Board Games and other Gaming Paraphernalia

Also while at UKGE we were promoting the Toon Hammer Lab, a Facebook group for those who’d like to get involved with future Toon Hammer games. Whether it’s playtesting, artwork feedback, reviewing or just being a keen bean, request an invite and join the fun. Up for grabs are rule credits, contests, exclusive perks and of course our eternal gratitude! Click here to find out more.

The observant amongst you will notice that I’ve switched round the Twitter handles for Toon Hammer and Gobblin’ Goblins! It took Dan and I a while to come up with a collective name for our creations, which led to the GG account becoming our main base. But now Toon Hammer is more familiar it’s time to switch these round. We’ll keep @GobblinGoblins tweeting with relevant goblin updates but to stay completely in the loop, make sure you are following @ToonHammerGames.

The final thing for this update is to point you in the direction of a couple of cool Kickstarters we’re keeping an eye on. Make sure you check out Assembly and Pirates of Penryn!

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