I think someone might have sped up the clocks or something because somehow our Kickstarter launch is in 8 days time! How the sludge did that happen? So I'm very busy adding the finishing touches to our Kickstarter page.

This is my first time putting one of these together and I'd love to get some feedback. Is everything clear? Have I missed anything out? Do you think the prices are fair? Hit me up on one of the Goblin social media feeds and let me know! The link to the preview page lies below...

Click here to preview the Gobblin' Goblins Kickstarter page

Things we've spotted already:

  • There's no video! It's en route and quite delightful! Once it's ready I'll let you know via Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon, interprative dance etc.
  • There's no reviews! People have been quite complimentary of the gobbos and I have some nice quotes. But we've still got preview copies out there which we haven't had the reviews for yet so I'll add those nice words in later!