Our disgusting card game has made it to the mystical, magical lands of boardgamegeek.com! It's crazy to think that at the start of the year the game was only letters and numbers on scraps of paper that I had to force a bemused Mandy to play. There's a whole lot of pride looking at it now with it's official BGG entry. I should probably say something inspirational like "Follow your dreams!" or "Nothing is impossible!", but there's enough cheese in the game already. 13 year matured, artisinal, guinea pig cheese no less.

So now I have a favour to ask! If you've had the pleasure of playing the game, perhaps you could do us a little rating? Or if you're a keen bean who wants to get gobblin', you could hit that 'Want to Play' / 'Want to Buy' tick box? Or perhaps you could just hit the like button? Goblins are very likeable afterall, not even slightly smelly. Basically, any interactions appreciated!

Other news! We've picked out a date and venue for our Kickstarter launch party. We're just getting the details ironed out but I can tell you it will be in Bournemouth and it will be the party of the YEAR! Or perhaps the month... or the week... OK the party of that day in that venue! *party dance*

That's all for now smelly friends! Here's the link to that BGG page: CLICK HERE