Grotbags! We have another opportunity to share our little game with you. Our lovely local board game cafe, Coffee & Dice, runs a monthly playtesting evening, and they have kindly given us a spot this month. So now's your chance to get your mitts on the game, try it out, try to break it, and let us know what you think.

Here's where and when:

Coffee & Dice
Unit 7 Calendula Place
752-778 Christchurch Road

Wednesday 23rd August, 7pm

There's a Facebook event here if that's your bag. There's a £4 charge, but that also gives you access to the whole boardgame library, so if I were you, I'd tip up early and get a round of Century: Spice Road in before we unleash our goblin chums on you.

A very special announcement about this event: we are going to have our very first printed copy of the game! "Wow, GG team, you've done so well to get all of the drawings and artwork and everything together so quickly!" you are shouting at your screen right now. Well... no, dear snotrag, we have not... quite. There's a few placeholder cards in there, it won't have a box, and it might not have any instructions yet! But, it's important to us to test whether the design of the cards we're going with works before it's too late. Our well-loved hand-drawn prototype is also showing signs of age, so it's time to upgrade to a newer model.

If you haven't played the game yet, we'd love to see you there! If you have played the game already, we'd still love to see you - there have been so many changes and improvements along the way, it'll be like playing a brand new game. ish.

Laters taters! Be there, or be a meatball covered in hair.