When we weren't playtesting Gobblin' Goblins we had time to play some pretty cool games at UKGE. Here's some of the ones we played and how to find out more about them:

War Of The 9 Realms
A tile based tactical skirmish game based on the Realms of Norse Mythology. Mandy rolled three 12s with three 12 sided dice while we were playing this, a sign from the gods themselves? Any game with a blood cauldron is good in my books.
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Dice Hospital
A worker placement game, think Theme Hospital in board game form! There's dice, lot's of dice, and they're all very sick. Like most hospitals you're meant to be healing them but I managed to kill far too many of them. I guess I'm not cut out to be a medical practitioner. Dang.
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Creature College
Compete for the Creature College Cup by collecting creatures, completing missions and smacking down your enemies. Played this one with the game creator Orhan Ertughrul. A very nice chap, apart from the fact he completely thrashed us. I get the feeling he might have played before...
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Bad Pets
A 2 player tile placement where players will take on the role of pets as they romp around a living room causing all manner of destruction whilst their owner is away. It's safe to say we totally trashed that living room, and had a lot fun in the process. Watch out for this one.
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