We're going to be trying out some new rules at UKGE for those of you who have the smarts to handle them! This has come about from an effort to add more replayability to the game. We've got all these delightful, unique goblins, and they deserve more than just simple likes and dislikes. Their characters are complex, like a jigsaw with over 20 pieces or an essay about the different uses of tin foil (glitter balls, shiny sculptures, authentic wizard hats). So we're giving each of them special abilities!

There are 6 types of goblins in the game, (2 goblins in each category). They are as follows:

  • The Slobs
  • The Snobs
  • The Hippies
  • The Workers
  • The Criminals
  • The Nerds (also known as The Super, Cool, Totally-The-Best Goblins)

In our 'Advanced Rules' version of the game, depending on which goblin you are and which category that goblin belongs in, you'll have a unique ability only you can use. This would be an optional rule set, the basic version of the game can still be played for a) learning and b) playing with smaller human beings.

Anywho, we'll give it a go at UKGE and see if it works. Speaking of which, did we mention we're going to UKGE? Because we're going to UKGE. Saturday, 10am - 1pm, NEC Hall 1, Stand H40. Come help us playtest! The biscuits will be waiting...