Guys guys guys, are you keen to give the game a go?

As you may have heard, the 3 of us are going to set sail across the bogey sea, past the isle of nappies, to make our way out of Goblinville, Grotshire, to come to the UK Games Expo. Well, the big news is that we've managed to wangle ourselves a spot at the Playtesting zone.

We're bringing our hand-drawn propotype, some biscuits, and a wild sense of optimism with us. We would love to share all of those things with you! Playtesting is a really key part of developing a game (we assume, guys we told you we were making this up as we go) - so we would really appreciate your help!

Are you coming to the Expo? Reckon you could share 10-20 minutes to come and have a go at Gobblin' Goblins? Got any pals coming along that you can bring with you? Fancy giving this post a wee share on socials to give us a boost? Go on, we'll be your best friend!

We'll see you at the Playtest area, NEC1 Stand H40, Saturday 3rd June 10am - 1pm.

Be there, or be a bear... or something.