Are any of you grot snozcumbers heading to the UK Games Expo in June? Guess who else is heading there? That's right, your favourite trio of goblin-feeding, doodle-scribbling, pylon-devouring peeps - the Gobblin' Goblins team! All 3 of us are making our way to the castle of NEC in the fair land of Birmingham for at least 2 days of the Expo.

We may be able to find ourselves a little slot in the playtesting area - we'll keep you posted with any news on that front. At any rate, we'll have our hand-drawn prototype with us, and will be super keen to give the game a few twirls out with some new players. If you're interested in having a go, get in touch with us!

We are by no means veterans of this expo! It would be entirely fair to say that we have never been, and indeed didn't know anything about it until relatively recently. Have you got any tips for us? Do share! We'll listen to any tales of success/hilarity/existential dread that you may have experienced at this event before. Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook!

We're looking forward to meeting you. In a slightly-creepy-but-not-overly-uncomfortable way ;)