It's finally time for the results of what is 100%, absolutely, definitely the most important vote being talked about in the UK right now! But all lies aside, a big thank you if pressed any of the votey, clicky buttons we dotted around our various social media feeds. You've helped shape our goblins varied and confusing diets a little bit further.

With Twitter and Facebook we've taken the final numbers but with Instagram we've divided the likes by 10 because there were lots of those and we wanted the vote to be balanced. After hours of abacus work we came up with these final numbers:

1st - The Clammy Bodger - 11 votes
2nd -
The Gorebon Biscuit - 10 votes
2nd -
The Mustard Cream - 10 votes
4th -
The Grotlate Chip Cookie - 9 votes
5th -
The Hob Gob Nob - 8 votes
6th -
The Lice Biscuit - 7 votes

This means the Gorebon Biscuit, Mustard Cream and Clammy Bodger will all go into the game and the Bodger will be worth the most points!

Goblin's love Clammy Bodgers? Sounds about right, good work everyone. CARRY ON!