We've been rambling on about the game for a little while now, it's only polite we introduce ourselves. Allow us to extend a virtual handshake to you all (or a dual virtual kiss on the cheek if you're feeling continental). We're the goblin team!

Angela 'Spanjj' Dickens (Right)

Spanjj is the creator of the game and is therefore the most important person in the team. She's the most important person anywhere to me, but that's another matter! She also runs all of our social media, so if you're chatting to us, you're really chatting to her, be nice or she'll name a really grotty goblin after you. Spanjj made this website you're looking at, she digitises and designs all of the artwork and keeps us all motivated. She does not make a great cup of tea though (because it will be a coffee, even if you've asked for tea).

Dan 'Crunch' Prowse (Middle)

Crunch is the artist, responsible for all of the grim drawings of toenails and scabs. It may or may not be a dark place inside his mind, it's probably fine, ssshhhh... His pencil-hand is the team's most powerful weapon. We refuse to use it wisely!

Mandy 'Mandy' Browne (Left)

Mandy is the last person on the list. She writes about herself in the third person, and takes care of business. Mandy is chief of handling the boring things like quotes and budgets and blah blah blah.

All 3 of us are involved in testing the bogies out of this game, making it the best gobblin-face-stuffing game you could possibly hope for! We're just a few chums who thought of a funny name for a game and decided to build the rest around that. We're excited to meet you!