Excitement of the poop your pants variety occurred yesterday when our boxed, fully artworked, review copies of Gobblin' Goblins arrived in the post. For the most part we are delighted with them but they have sparked a bit of a debate. For a small card game, how important is the quality of the box?

At the moment our game sits in a matt laminated, double tuck box. The cardboard is relatively thin and it's slightly fiddly getting the cards out the box but it is more than adequate for the purpose of storing the cards. When I first set sail on the good ship card game development, I had my heart set on a lidded, rigid, presentation box. However the additional cost of producing the game this way may mean a higher starting price on Kickstarter.

So the question is do we start our Kickstarter campaign with a low price and the box we have but with a stretch goal target for the higher quality box... OR! DO we start with a box we are 100% confident in but with a slightly higher price? I'd love to here your feedback, any comments on Facebook or tweets on Twitter would be greatly appreciated.