After 10 long months of planning, sketching, designing and artworking we finally reached the point of ordering our first print of Gobblin' Goblins. It arrived in the post last week and we're pretty damn chuffed with it. All the food looks just as disgusting on the cards as it did in our brains. The gobbos are looking radient too, they're green skins are positively glowing!

Our tester deck was missing a few illustrations but since then we've finished these up and I'm now happy to report we have a fully artworked game! Party time! Pop the corked prosecco and order the Goblinita Pizzas!

Or not. Now a whole other world of work begins. Getting as much exposure to these green monstrosities and they're disgusting eating habits before the Kickstarter kicks off in 8 weeks time (eek, is it really that soon?). Review copies of the game are ordered and in production as of writing this. There's still a few copies we haven't got a destination for yet, so if you're the reviewing / previewing board gamey type then get in touch!

That's all for now grot bags. The time is nearly upon us, ready your stomachs...