The time has come to start sending out review / preview copies of Gobblin' Goblins! As with any upcoming Kickstarter project, we want to give the game as much exposure as possible before the campaign kicks off in a couple of months time. With that in mind we would be eternally grateful to anyone who would be willing to review / preview the game via blog posts, videos, podcasts etc.

If you've already contacted us about doing this then we'll be in contact with you soon! However if you haven't got in touch yet, now is the time to do it. Either hit us up on one of our social media channels, use this form here or email us at

Sadly, we do not have mountains of gold (thus the kickstarter campaign!) and can only print a certain amount of copies. Innevitably we won't be able to get one to everyone but we will have a 'print n play' version to give everyone access to the game in some way shape or form if they want to preview it.

We'll start reaching out to all you lovely bloggers / vloggers / podders / generally nice people next week, so watch those inboxes. We'll also be announcing our Kickstarter launch date next week! Holy slime buckets, this mucks getting real!