Decent two player card / board games are hard to come by. There are loads of games out there which play brilliantly with 3 to 6 players but not so much with 2. When your board gaming social circle only goes so far, you need some decent 2 player games to pick up the slack!

We wanted to create a game that could be played with a whole gang of goblins but also worked with a duo. During playtesting, the full game proved problematic with two. Some goblins had abilities that were overpowered, some cards made less sense and overall the game felt a bit too long with too many points to count up at the end.

All of this led to the fairly straight forward decision to omit some cards from the two player version of the game and slightly tweak the rules accordingly. No orange or purple food cards (multi-colour sets of 4 instead of 6 to gobble), a few less distractions, a few less actions and a few banned goblins. And voila! A decent little two player card game (in our humble, totally not biased oppinion).

The two player version is short and sweet, fast paced and doesn't take up too much table space. It's perfect to chuck in your bag and take down the pub for a romantical evening with your significant other. Because we all know goblins stuffing their faces with grossest stuff you ever layed eyes upon is the height of romance, right?

I think we've got 2-8 player games nailed down now. Still more playtesting required for the 9+ player games though, if you have a gaming group that might be able to help out with that then get in touch! We'll have some printed playtesting copies soon...