Wormy Totally Normal Spaghetti Recipe

Stuff wot goes in it:

  • 2 onions
  • Olive oil (or oil like what goes in a car)
  • Garlic clove - smashed up wiv a hammer
  • Load of meatballs from off the floor
  • 2 buckets of fresh worms spaghetti
  • Green stuff like parsley or weeds I dunno
  • Eggs from a bird
  • Squashed tomato
  • Bit of sugar

Right, you can make meatballs outta mince and bread and stuff but I get them from the floor of the supermarket after I accidentally drop'em. Easy.

Digging up worms spaghetti is easy. Jump up and down on the grass so they fink you is a bird. Worms spaghetti like getting ate by birds. Knock 'em on the head and bang 'em in the bucket.

Make sauce wiv all the veggie stuff in a pan. Are tomatoes a veg? Chuck 'em in anyway and simmer for the time it takes to watch a football thing.

Then just throw in the meatballs. I like to make it a game and chuck 'em from outside thru a window. Floor meatballs also pick up added fibre and muck.

Now everyfing is in a pan (how hot? I dunno. 7?) leave it and have a little kip for an hour. That's too long! You burned it all up silly!

Glop it onna plate anyway and scoff it wiv some wine from a box, all classy and stuff.

Handy Tip - sometimes the worms spaghettis tries to leg it so bash in a few nails to keep 'em still.

Yum Yum!