You (the people of the internet) recently helped us choose which biscuits we should include in the game. Just like grandma at Christmas, we offered you up a selection pack and you picked all the best ones out. The others are going back in the cupboard to be forgotten about for a couple of weeks until you really need a little sugar rush - "Grandma's naff old biscuits!" you'll think to yourself, but alas, they will have gone all soft and wobbly.

Erm, anyway, back to the matter at hand! You chose 3 biscuits that we're going to include in the game - it's time for us to tell you a little bit about what the cards will do and when you can use them. There are 3 biscuit cards included in the deck: The Gorebon and The Mustard Cream are each worth 2 points, and the delectable Clammy Bodger will earn you a whopping 3 points if it's been gobbled by the end of the game.

Not only are the biscuit cards extra delicious (all those yummy points), but they also count as a wild card. Say you had collected 2 cards of the same colour, a third would mean you could gobble the lot - you can use that there biscuit to complete the set. YUM. 

Another handy tactic would be to use it to complete a set of all 6 colours, replacing the colour you're alergic to with a delicious biscuit. Tactical bonus points FTW!